Performance Videos and Behind the Scenes Memories

The Oktoberfest Parade

Combined CTV coverage of the 3 OktoberCorps units. October 8, 2018

The making of "OktoberCorps"

Video from the May and September rehearsals with partial renditions from the percussion ensemble, "A Place to Stand" and "Old Days", the street beat, and 2 tunes from the Stage Band.

OktoberCorps "A Place to Stand"

September 2018 rehearsal

OktoberCorps - Photo Collage

OktoberCorps Stageband Rehearsal & Parade

Final rehearsal performance and the Oktoberfest parade plus Al Chez plays some boogie woogie.

OktoberCorps - Drum line

Photos and video of the drum line in action!

OktoberCorps - "Old Days" Rehearsal

OktoberCorps - Drums Rehearsal

OktoberCorps - "A Place to Stand" Rehearsal

Starts with the street beat intro

OktoberCorps - Pre-Parade

OktoberCorps - Parade Footage

Parade footage of OktoberCorps. 1x "Old Days", 1x "A Place to Stand", + 2x "Old Days" standstill AND LOTS of cool drone footage.