We hope these answer your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) What is the website address for OktoberCorps so that I can get more information and sign up to participate? 


  • 2) What does the $150 participation fee include?
  • This inclusive fee covers the cost of renting rehearsal facilities, the banquet dinner and social at Queensmount Lions Club Fest Hall, Commemorative OktoberCorps uniform jacket and cap, and admission to Queensmount Lions Club Fest Hall after the banquet/social.  It also covers the costs of music licensing, insurance, flags, float coverings and trailer/transportation rentals.

  • 3) What happens to any additional funds after all costs have been covered?
  • In the event there is a profit, funds will be directed to a youth foundation servicing youth in the arts. 

  • 4) How much is the staff being paid?
  • The entire staff is volunteering their time and effort.  In fact, the staff are also paying the full $150 participation fee.

Please arrive early to allow for registration.  Please download and fill in this form and bring it with you. 


The second and third rehearsals will take place on the Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend prior to the parade on Monday.
The first of these two Thanksgiving weekend rehearsals will be held on Saturday, October 6, at RIM Park (same location as the May 12 rehearsal) from 1pm to 4pm.

  • The second rehearsal will be held at a location TBC, from 12am to 3pm.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for both of these rehearsals.

  • 6) Do I need to have a B flat instrument to participate?
  • No, although B Flat instruments are preferred, accommodation has been made for transposition of parts to include those with G bugles only.

  • 7) Can I still participate if I do not own a horn or bugle?
  • Yes, we are working with various alumni groups and active associations to provide instruments to use.  When you sign up/join, please make a note in the comments section if you require assistance in providing an instrument to use.

  • 8) I want to play snare.  Will we be playing continuity (traditional) or match grip?
  • Continuity (traditional).

  • 9) If I intend to march in the rifle or sabre section do I need my own equipment?
  • Yes, you will need to have your own equipment.  Please contact Craig Raymond if you require assistance with this or for further clarification on specifics.

  • 10) I want to participate but do not feel I could march the entire distance of the parade, what can I do?
  • We are providing floats for those members who want to participate but feel the rigour of marching is too much for them.  

  • 11) What uniform will we be wearing for the parade?
  • Each member will provide their own black shoes, black socks and black trousers/pants.  Your participation fee will cover the cost of a uniform jacket and cap which is still in the design phase.  Please remember to dress for the weather on October 8 under your uniform jacket.

  • 12) I live out of town.  Are arrangements being made for accommodation on the Thanksgiving Weekend?
  • Yes, the committee is working on securing group discounted rates on hotel accommodations at an OktoberCorps sanctioned headquarters for that weekend.  More details will be provided when finalized.

  • 13)  Can my spouse or friend attend the Dinner and Show on October 6th?

YES, the committee will be selling individual tickets that you may purchase.  Details of cost and method of payment are still in discussion and there is no hurry for that yet.